Crystal Clear Guarantee

Step by Step Program

Sanygen’s Crystal Clear program, a clear, concise guideline for pool care, keeps pools in peak condition for the summer season. Your Sanygen Representative will help you from first splash to last float with information and products to guarantee you have no algae problems.


Maintain a 1.5 ppm free chlorine residual in your pool using Sanygen Commercial Grade Liquid Chlorine.


Maintain the pool water at a pH of 7.4 to 7.6 for the main pool.


Operate filters with a turnover rate of three times a day and maintain a minimum flow rate established for your pool by your Sanygen Sales Representative. For the Baby Pool, operate filters with a turnover rate of twelve times a day and maintain a minimum flow rate also established by your Sanygen Representative.


Vacuum your pool a minimum of three times a week to ensure removal of debris from bottom. Brushing corners is also necessary to ensure corners are always clean.


Treat your pool with Sanygen Concentrated Algaecide. Your Sanygen Sales Representative will establish an initial dosage as well as a weekly treatment that will be customized for your particular pool.


For maximum water clarity, your Sanygen Sales Rep will also establish a weekly treatment of Sanygen Crystal Clear Water Clarifier especially for your pool.

Questions or Concerns About the Program?

If algae develops in your pool or you have questions about the Crystal Clear program, our Sanygen Sales Representatives are here to help.

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