Sanygen Liquid Shock 12.5

Item #S-C1-04

Not all chlorines are the same! Sanygen Liquid Shock contains a 12.5% concentration of chlorine which provides efficiency while offering greater stability. Higher concentrations of liquid chlorines break down much faster which results in reduced levels of effectiveness and shorter shelf lives. Lower concentrations can’t combat water contamination as effectively as Sanygen. Sanygen Liquid Shock kills germs and algae as it oxidizes impurities by destroying organic contamination.

Sanygen is specially designed for use in swimming pools because all impurities, minerals, and other contaminants are removed during the manufacturing process. See the sparkling difference that SANYGEN LIQUID SHOCK can make in your pool!

Available in 4/1 gallon cases.  It is necessary to store chlorine in vented capped bottles: therefore, KEEP CASES AND BOTTLES UPRIGHT WHEN      TRANSPORTING AND INSIST THAT YOUR DEALER DOES THE SAME.

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