ProMinent Controllers - DCM300 & DCM3CLORP

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DCM300              ORP, pH, Temperature Control

DCM3CLORP     PPM, ORP, pH, Temperature Control


The ProMinent DCM 3 Series controller is the perfect partner for remote monitoring and controlling water chemistry and processes in pools, spas, hotels, motels, and condos. The
DCM 3 Series precision and uncompromising quality represent a world-class IIoT solution to ensure a safe and healthy water experience for your customers and peace of mind for you.

Features & Benefits
Stay Connected
• Receive email and text alarms
• Make changes from your smartphone, tablet or computer
• No apps required to connect and control
• Automatic emailing of data logs
• WiFi, RS485, and 4G capable
Stay in Control
• Monitor and control
• Flow rate
• UV systems
• Precision chemical feed
• Proportional and PID control strategies
• Control output of ProMinent pumps
Stay Safe
• Configurable digital interlocking to flowmeter and circ pump
• 29 discrete assignable passwords at three access tiers
World-Class Accuracy
• pH sensor accurate to 0.04 SU per NSF

Operator Interface
Remote Fully interactive Ethernet TCP/IP graphical interface with security access codes
Local 4 line – 20 character OLED display, 12 buttons, multicolor controller status LED, multicolor output LEDs indicate relay output status, Ethernet, and Wifi status LEDs
Included Sensors pH, (ORP and/or PPM), temperature
Optional Sensors Conductivity, feed verification, flow rate, water level, calculated LSI/Ryznar, water totalizer
Digital Inputs 6, (5 fully configurable) Examples: sample flow switch, return line low switch, digital pulse flow meter(s), auto-fill float switch, external interlocks
Analog Inputs Up to 5 standard (configurable options) + 9 virtual (LSI, flow rate, etc.) Example: conductivity, pH, [ORP and/or free chlorine], sample temp, flow via pulse input
Control Relays 5 total: 2 AC line voltage, 3 dry contact (AC or DC), all are fully assignable
1. Acid feed
2. Oxidant feed
3. Autofill
4. CO2 feed
5. Alarm
* Interlocked with sample flow when used for chemical feed

Time modulation (proportional)
Time cycling
ORP and/or free chlorine
Event timers – for alternate oxidant setpoint or timed feed of chemical (filter aid)
Chem feed stop during bump or backwash
Flow restored delay (adjustable)
Blocking and lockout for added control

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