Waterway Frames & Grates - 9" x 9"

Item #640-4790V

Pool frame and grates available in 12” x 12” white or 9” x 9” white (VGB2008).

9” x 9” grate and frames are compliant to the latest Consumer Safety Product Commission requirement (CPSC). Listed, Certified and Tested in strict accordance to the requirements of ASME A112.19.8-2007 and ASME A112-19.8a-2008 as defined in CPSC letter dated April 8, 2011. Certified by UL.
Model 640-4790V specs:
Total Open Area Square Inches 43.6
Floor Flow Rate GPM 289
Wall Flow Rate GPM 208
Flow Rate GPM @ 1.5 ft/sec 203

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