Permaseal Joint Filler

Item #950

PERMASEAL is an off-white nitrile rubber caulking compound for repair of small cracks. Remains permanently flexible. It is not displaced by movement or expansion and is non-sagging. Permaseal has excellent adhesion to aluminum, vinyl, glass, wood, concrete and most clean materials. It can be continually immersed in water, exposed to sunlight and is resistant to weathering. Upon curing, this sealant can be top-coated.

Apply at temperatures over 40° F. Allow surface to dry thoroughly prior to application. Maximum use temperature is 175° F. Shelf life is approx. 6 months. Lineal feet per cartridge: 2 ft 3/4” x 3/4”. The size of the joint dictates the actual coverage. The amount shown is intended as minimum application information. Dry time – to touch 24 hours. Curing continues at a rate of 1/16” per day. Full cure 4-7 days.

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