Poxolon 2 Epoxy Paint - Black/Qt.

Item #2226-QT

Poxolon 2 is a high gloss epoxy pool coating that is easy to apply and should yield up to 5 years of service. This finish is very easy to clean, as is the case with all epoxy pool coatings. You may use Poxolon 2 on most conventional pool surfaces with excellent results. Uncoated pool surfaces will require a prime coat to ensure good adhesion. Recommended for use by pool service companies and the do-it-yourself pool owner. Use with primer on concrete, plaster, fiberglass, and metal pools. Two finish coats of Poxolon 2 are required in all cases. Poxolon 2 may be applied by either airless sprayer or roller.

Request technical bulletin #114 and #115 for more information on painting with Poxolon 2.

Coverage: 225-250 square feet per gallon.

1 quart container.

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