Hayward Fittings Parts for SP1023, SP1408, SP1425

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SPX1023B       Cycolac Locknut, 2” –Special Order
SPX1023Z3      Fiber Slip Washer
SPX23Z12        Gasket (set of 2)
SPX1411B         Face Plate-Threaded –Special Order
SPX1408B       Face Plate
SPX1411Z12      Gasket (set of 2) –Special Order
SPX1408C        Gasket
SPX1411Z1A      Face Plate Screw Set (self-tapping style)
SPX1425C        Grate (SP1423, SP1424) –Special Order
SPX1039Z1A    Screw Set (set of 4) (SP1408, SP1039) –Special Order
SPX1425Z32    Face Plate Screw (set of 2) (SP1423, SP1424, SP1425)
SPX1425Z6      O-Ring (SP1425)

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