Hayward DE2420 - DE7220 Pro Grid Filter Parts

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3                 ECX2712B1 Pressure Gauge
13               DEX2400C Top Collector Manifold w/Flex Air Relief Assembly

16               DEX2400Z5 Outlet Elbow O-ring

19a             DEX2400DA Filter Element (DE2420) (7 req’d)
19b             DEX3600DA Filter Element (DE3620) (7 req’d)
19c             DEX4800DA Filter Element (DE4820) (7 req’d)
19d             DEX6000DA Filter Element (DE6020) (7 req’d)
19e             DEX7200DA Filter Element (DE7220) (7 req’d)

20a             DEX2400DS Filter Element – Short (DE2420)
20b             DEX3600DS Filter Element – Short (DE3620)
20c             DEX4800DS Filter Element – Short (DE4820)
20d             DEX6000DS Filter Element – Short (DE6020)
20e             DEX7200DS Filter Element – Short (DE7220)

27                SP1022C 1 ½” Drain Plug w/ O-Ring
29                SX200Z4 O-Ring (2 Req.)
30a              SP0740DE Selecta-Flo™ Valve Assembly – 2” SKT
30b              SP0710XR50 Vari-Flo™ Valve Assembly – 1 ½” NPT
Parts below available by special order only.


1                  CCX1000V Manual Air Relief Valve w/O-ring
2                  DEX2420MAR2 Manual Air Relief Assembly
4                  DEX2420Z8A O-Ring Kit (Set of 2)
5                  CCX1000N Manual Air Relief Valve Nut

6a                DEX2420BTC Filter Head (DE2420)
6b                DEX3620BTC Filter Head with Clamp (DE3620)

6c                DEX4820BTC Filter Head with Clamp (DE4820)
6d                DEX6020BTC Filter Head with Clamp (DE6020)
6e                DEX7220BTC Filter Head (DE7220)

7                  DEX2420LA6PAK Label Pack (includes all warning and operation labels, hang tag (# 10), wire tie and owner’s manual)
8                  DEX2421JKIT Clamp System including: Clamp, Clamp Nut and Bolt, Warning Hang Tag, Metal Reinforced Seal and Labels
9                  DEX2421J2* Clamp Bolt and Nut
10                DEX2422Z2* Metal Reinforced Seal
11                 ECX176865 Retainer Nut 5/16” – 18
12                 ECX1109 Washer, 5/16” (2 Required) (2 req’d)
14a              DEX2400R Retainer Rod (DE2420)
14b              DEX3600R Retainer Rod (DE3620)
14c               DEX4800R Retainer Rod (DE4820)
14d              DEX6000R Retainer Rod (DE6020)
14e               DEX7200R Retainer Rod (DE7220)

15                 DEX2400CR Flex Air Relief Assembly
17a               DEX2420EA Outlet Elbow Assembly w/ O-Ring (DE2420)
17b               DEX3620EA Outlet Elbow Assembly w/ O-Ring (DE3620)
17c                DEX4820EA Outlet Elbow Assembly w/ O-Ring (DE4820)
17d                DEX6020EA Outlet Elbow Assembly w/ O-Ring (DE6020)
17e                DEX7220EA Outlet Elbow Assembly w/ O-Ring (DE7220)

18a               DEX2420DC Filter Element Cluster Assembly (DE2420)
18b               DEX3600DC Filter Element Cluster Assembly – (DE3620)
18c               DEX4800DC Filter Element Cluster Assembly – (DE4820)
18d               DEX6000DC Filter Element Cluster Assembly – (DE6020)
18e               DEX7200DC Filter Element Cluster Assembly – (DE7220)

21                  DEX2420GA Inlet Elbow
22                 DEX2420T Element Spacer (DE2420 Only)
23                 DEX2400H Filter Element Locator
24                 SX220Z2 Bulkhead O-Ring (2 Req.)
25                 DEX2420F Bulkhead Fitting (2 Req.)
26                 DEX2420ATC Filter Body

*Compatible only with DEX2421JKIT clamp system for Hayward Pro-Grid D.E. and Swim Clear cartridge filters.

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