Raypak 106 Propane Analog Heater with Outdoor Top

Item #P-R106A-AP-C

For Above Ground Pools Only

Analog control-the round manual thermostat is the world’s most popular thermostat. It provides precise and accurate performance. Simply turn the dial to desired temperature and let the thermostat take over. The thermostat is the main control point that determines when and how much heat will be produced to achieve desired comfort level of your pool. It is really the best of both worlds, simple operation with electronic accuracy and safety.

MODEL 156 – DIGITAL -Microprocessor-Controlled Thermostat
For Small Pools

The Raypak 156 gas heater is equipped with a microprocessor-based control. It allows you to set your temperature at your preferred setting just by pressing an up or down control button. The digital display tells you when the water is being heated and notifies you when your temperature has been reached. The Raypak 156 is self-diagnostic letting the user know what is going on at all times. Compatible with most major pool control and remote systems.

Both models 106 and 156 have these items in common

Power Cord-factory wired with a three-prong 120V electrical cord. The power cord can be removed and the voltage transformer easily rewired for 240V operation.
Stainless Steel Burners-The burner is self-adjusting to compensate for gas pressure fluctuations, allowing the heater to always burn clean and safe.
Pilot Ignition-Use a spark-to-pilot ignition system. This is the most reliable and robust ignition system available today.
Heat Exchanger-Copper fin tube-residential-. Copper is well known for its ability to transfer heat efficiently and is the first choice for pool and spa heat exchanger construction.

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