Raypak 408 Professional Series Gas Heater ASME

Item #B-R408-EN-X#50

Introducing the Raypak Professional series pool heaters, designed specifically for commercial properties such as apartments, condos, hotels, motels, schools, parks, community and high-end private pools. These heaters come with a digital control so sophisticated, yet so simple to use. Includes microprocessor-controlled thermostat, self-diagnostic, remote compatible, run time & cycle meter, flame strength indicator, and on-board voltmeter. The stainless-steel burner system used is inherently forgiving and extremely robust. Burner design is a critical component in any gas heater. Uses a spark-to-pilot ignition system. The heater is equipped with a thicker walled fin tube allowing it to meet ASME requirements. Comes standard with cupro-nickel fin tube heat exchangers for added protection against aggressive water chemistry. The Raypak Professional heater comes standard as an ASME stamped unit. ASME stands for American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a non-profit group which sets many industrial and manufacturing standards.

ASME heater 399.0 BTUH Input

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